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/* -*- Mode: C; tab-width: 8; indent-tabs-mode: t; c-basic-offset: 8 -*- */

 *  File-Roller
 *  Copyright (C) 2001, 2003 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
 *  This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
 *  it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
 *  the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
 *  (at your option) any later version.
 *  This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 *  but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 *  GNU General Public License for more details.
 *  You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 *  along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
 *  Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Street #330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.

#ifndef FR_WINDOW_H
#define FR_WINDOW_H

#include <gtk/gtk.h>
#include <libgnomevfs/gnome-vfs-mime-handlers.h>
#include "egg-recent.h"
#include "fr-archive.h"
#include "typedefs.h"
#include "file-list.h"


enum {

typedef enum {
} FRBatchAction;

typedef struct {
      FRBatchAction   action;
      void *          data;
      GFreeFunc       free_func;
} FRBatchActionDescription;

typedef struct {
      guint      converting : 1;
      char      *temp_dir;
      FRArchive *new_archive;
} FRConvertData;

typedef enum {
} FRClipboardOp;

typedef struct {
        GtkWidget *      app;
      GtkWidget *      list_view;
      GtkListStore *   list_store;
      GtkWidget *      toolbar;
      GtkWidget *      statusbar;
      GtkWidget *      progress_bar;
      GtkWidget *      location_bar;
      GtkWidget *      location_entry;
      GtkWidget *      location_label;
      GtkWidget *      up_button;
      GtkWidget *      home_button;
      GtkWidget *      back_button;
      GtkWidget *      fwd_button;
      GtkCellRenderer *name_renderer;
      GtkTreePath     *hover_path;

      gint             current_view_length;

      GtkTooltips     *tooltips;
      guint            help_message_cid;
      guint            list_info_cid;
      guint            progress_cid;

      GtkWidget *      up_arrows[5];
      GtkWidget *      down_arrows[5];

      FRArchive *      archive;
      FRAction         current_action;
      gboolean         archive_present;
      gboolean         archive_new;        /* A new archive has been created
                                    * but it doesn't contain any 
                                    * file yet.  The real file will
                                    * be created only when the user
                                    * adds some file to the 
                                    * archive.*/

      char *           archive_filename;
      char *           open_default_dir;    /* default directory to be used
                                     * in the Open dialog. */
      char *           add_default_dir;     /* default directory to be used
                                     * in the Add dialog. */
      char *           extract_default_dir; /* default directory to be used
                                     * in the Extract dialog. */
      gboolean         freeze_default_dir;

      gboolean         view_folder_after_extraction;
      char *           folder_to_view;

      gboolean         give_focus_to_the_list;
      gboolean         single_click;
      GtkTreePath     *path_clicked;

      WindowSortMethod sort_method;
      GtkSortType      sort_type;

      WindowListMode   list_mode;
      GList *          history;
      GList *          history_current;
      char *           password;
      FRCompression    compression;

      guint            activity_timeout_handle;   /* activity timeout 
                                         * handle. */
      gint             activity_ref;              /* when > 0 some activity
                                                     * is present. */

      guint            update_timeout_handle;     /* update file list 
                                         * timeout handle. */

      VisitDirHandle  *vd_handle;

      FRConvertData    convert_data;

      gboolean         stoppable;

      GList           *clipboard;
      guint            clipboard_op : 1;
      char            *clipboard_current_dir;

      GtkActionGroup  *actions;

      EggRecentViewGtk *recent_view_menu;
      EggRecentViewGtk *recent_view_toolbar;
      EggRecentModel   *recent_model;
      GtkWidget        *file_popup_menu;
      GtkWidget        *mitem_recents_menu;
      GtkWidget        *recent_toolbar_menu;
      GtkAction        *open_action;

      /* drag data */

      GList *  drag_file_list;        /* the list of files we are 
                               * dragging*/
      GList *  drag_file_list_names;  /* the list of files (only the name 
                               * without the path) of the
                               * files we are dragging.  Used 
                               * when dragging directories. */
      char *   drag_temp_dir;         /* the temporary directory used to
                               * extract the dragged files. */
      GList *  drag_temp_dirs;        /* the list of temporary directories
                               * used to extract dragged files.
                               * These directories will be deleted
                               * when the window is closed. */
      gboolean dragging_dirs;         /* whether we are dragging directories
                               * too .*/

      GList *  dropped_file_list;     /* the list of dropped files. */
      gboolean add_after_creation;    /* whether we must add dropped files
                               * after creating an archive. */
      gboolean add_after_opening;     /* whether we must add dropped files
                               * after opening an archive. Used in 
                               * batch mode to avoid unnecessary 
                               * archive loading. */

      gboolean adding_dropped_files;  /* whether we are adding dropped 
                               * files. */
      gboolean update_dropped_files;  /* the update flag of the add 
                               * operation.  */

      gboolean extracting_dragged_files;
      gboolean extracting_dragged_files_interrupted;
      gboolean batch_adding_one_file;

      /* progress dialog data */

      GtkWidget *progress_dialog;
      GtkWidget *pd_action;
      GtkWidget *pd_archive;
      GtkWidget *pd_message;
      GtkWidget *pd_progress_bar;
      gboolean   progress_pulse;
      guint      progress_timeout;  /* Timeout to display the progress dialog. */
      guint      hide_progress_timeout;  /* Timeout to hide the progress dialog. */
      FRAction   pd_last_action;
      char      *pd_last_archive;

      /* batch mode data */

      gboolean   batch_mode;          /* whether we are in a non interactive
                               * mode. */
      GList     *batch_action_list;   /* FRActionDescription * elements */
      GList     *batch_action;        /* current action. */
      gboolean   extract_interact_use_default_dir;

      guint      cnxn_id[GCONF_NOTIFICATIONS];

      gulong     theme_changed_handler_id;
      gboolean   non_interactive;
      char      *extract_here_dir;
} FRWindow;

FRWindow * window_new                       (void);

void       window_close                     (FRWindow      *window);

/* archive operations */

gboolean   window_archive_new               (FRWindow      *window, 
                                   const char    *filename);

gboolean   window_archive_open              (FRWindow      *window, 
                                   const char    *filename,
                                   GtkWindow     *parent);

void       window_archive_save_as           (FRWindow      *window, 
                                   const char    *filename);

void       window_archive_reload            (FRWindow      *window);

void       window_archive_rename            (FRWindow      *window, 
                                   const char    *filename);

void       window_archive_add               (FRWindow      *window,
                                   GList         *file_list,
                                   const char    *base_dir,
                                   const char    *dest_dir,
                                   gboolean       update,
                                   const char    *password,
                                   FRCompression  compression);

void       window_archive_add_with_wildcard (FRWindow      *window,
                                   const char    *include_files,
                                   const char    *exclude_files,
                                   const char    *base_dir,
                                   const char    *dest_dir,
                                   gboolean       update,
                                   gboolean       recursive,
                                   gboolean       follow_links,
                                   const char    *password,
                                   FRCompression  compression);

void       window_archive_add_directory     (FRWindow      *window,
                                   const char    *directory,
                                   const char    *base_dir,
                                   const char    *dest_dir,
                                   gboolean       update,
                                   const char    *password,
                                   FRCompression  compression);

void       window_archive_add_items         (FRWindow      *window,
                                   GList         *dir_list,
                                   const char    *base_dir,
                                   const char    *dest_dir,
                                   gboolean       update,
                                   const char    *password,
                                   FRCompression  compression);

void       window_archive_add_dropped_items (FRWindow      *window,
                                   GList         *item_list,
                                   gboolean       update);

void       window_archive_remove            (FRWindow      *window,
                                   GList         *file_list,
                                   FRCompression  compression);

void       window_archive_extract           (FRWindow      *window,
                                   GList         *file_list,
                                   const char    *extract_to_dir,
                                   const char    *base_dir,
                                   gboolean       skip_older,
                                   gboolean       overwrite,
                                   gboolean       junk_paths,
                                   const char    *password);

void       window_archive_extract_here      (FRWindow      *window,
                                   GList         *file_list,
                                   const char    *extract_to_dir,
                                   const char    *base_dir,
                                   gboolean       skip_older,
                                   gboolean       overwrite,
                                   gboolean       junk_paths,
                                   const char    *password);

void       window_archive_close             (FRWindow      *window);

void       window_set_password              (FRWindow      *window,
                                   const char    *password);


void       window_go_to_location            (FRWindow       *window, 
                                   const char     *path);

const char*window_get_current_location      (FRWindow       *window);

void       window_go_up_one_level           (FRWindow       *window);

void       window_go_back                   (FRWindow       *window);

void       window_go_forward                (FRWindow       *window);

void       window_set_list_mode             (FRWindow       *window, 
                                   WindowListMode  list_mode);


void       window_update_file_list          (FRWindow    *window);

void       window_update_list_order         (FRWindow    *window);

GList *    window_get_file_list_selection   (FRWindow    *window, 
                                   gboolean     recursive,
                                   gboolean    *has_dirs);

GList *    window_get_file_list_from_path_list (FRWindow *window,
                                    GList    *path_list,
                                    gboolean *has_dirs);

GList *    window_get_file_list_pattern     (FRWindow    *window,
                                   const char  *pattern);

void       window_rename_selection          (FRWindow    *window);

void       window_cut_selection             (FRWindow    *window);

void       window_copy_selection            (FRWindow    *window);

void       window_paste_selection           (FRWindow    *window);


void       window_stop                      (FRWindow    *window);

void       window_start_activity_mode       (FRWindow    *window);

void       window_stop_activity_mode        (FRWindow    *window);


void       window_view_last_output          (FRWindow *window,
                                   const char *title); 

void       window_view_file                 (FRWindow *window, 
                                   char     *file);

void       window_open_files                (FRWindow *window, 
                                   GList    *file_list,
                                   char     *command);

void       window_open_files_with_application (FRWindow *window, 
                                     GList    *file_list,
                                     GnomeVFSMimeApplication *app);

void       window_view_or_open_file         (FRWindow *window, 
                                   char     *file);

void       window_update_columns_visibility (FRWindow *window);

void       window_update_history_list       (FRWindow *window);

void       window_set_default_dir           (FRWindow *window,
                                   char     *default_dir,
                                   gboolean  freeze);

void       window_set_open_default_dir      (FRWindow *window,
                                   char     *default_dir);

void       window_set_add_default_dir       (FRWindow *window,
                                   char     *default_dir);

void       window_set_extract_default_dir   (FRWindow *window,
                                   char     *default_dir);

void       window_push_message              (FRWindow   *window, 
                                   const char *msg);

void       window_pop_message               (FRWindow   *window);

void       window_set_toolbar_visibility    (FRWindow   *window,
                                   gboolean    value);

void       window_set_statusbar_visibility  (FRWindow   *window,
                                   gboolean    value);

/* batch mode procedures. */

void       window_batch_mode_clear            (FRWindow      *window);

void       window_batch_mode_add_action       (FRWindow      *window,
                                     FRBatchAction  action,
                                     void          *data,
                                     GFreeFunc      free_func);

void       window_batch_mode_add_next_action  (FRWindow      *window,
                                     FRBatchAction  action,
                                     void          *data,
                                     GFreeFunc      free_func);

void       window_batch_mode_start            (FRWindow      *window);

void       window_batch_mode_stop             (FRWindow      *window);

void       window_archive__open_extract       (FRWindow      *window, 
                                     const char    *filename,
                                     const char    *dest_dir);

void       window_archive__open_add           (FRWindow      *window, 
                                     const char    *archive,
                                     GList         *file_list);

void       window_archive__close              (FRWindow      *window);

void       window_archive__quit               (FRWindow      *window);


void       window_convert_data_free           (FRWindow *window);

gboolean   fr_window_file_list_drag_data_get  (FRWindow         *window,
                                     GList            *path_list,
                                     GtkSelectionData *selection_data);

#endif /* FR_WINDOW_H */

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